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The symbolic Dispute for the Mediterranean (pasolinian notes to resist the confrontation and normatization between cultures)

Antonio Giménez Merino


The Mediterranean area (old Europe) appears today as a arena of conflicts not only political but also symbolic. Europe stages the cradle of democracy as socio-political system, but also the limitations of this to address the so-called “dialogue among civilizations”. A fundamental problem arises in this scenario: the great cultural change operated in the general  populations by consumerism as a life style, which operates as a great wall of separation (not just cultural) between the problems of European countries and theese of the southern  Mediterranean, impoverished and reviled by their ancien partners and consequently radicalized. However, there are still possibilities for a rich multicultural dialogue between the two zones on the basis of common concerns in the new scenario characterized by an economic, social policy and systemic crisis. The exploration of this is the core of this paper, which consider Merino some pioneering observations of Pier Paolo Pasolini on these problems.Key-words: Multiculturalism; Modern law; Islamic law.

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