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Gender and the environment in the Guajara da costa river, Barcarena, Para (Paper 199)

Ellie Morris, Ligia Terezinha Lopes Simonian


The region of Amazon proper spans about half of the land mass of Brazil, an area the size of the continental United States of America, and is therefore a varied area in climatic, ecological, economic, and anthropological respects. However, the general conception of this enormous area is usually couched in purely ecological terms in "northern" media and thought; i.e. invocations of the Amazon conjure terms like: tropical rainforest, biodiversity "hot spot", mighty river. Humans do live in the Amazon. In Brazil, there are two major pockets of human civilization in cities both on the fringe of the forest and at its heart, not to mention the Amazonian reservation system which bounds ancient indigenous groups. Despite the vast majority of anthropological literature focusing on these indigenous populations however, there are also other distinct rural groups that live, work, eat, sleep and love in the Amazon, which “call it home”.

Keywords: River. Guajará. Barcarena.

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