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Margens: Interdisciplinary Journal invites you to read the newest published dossier.

Margins, V.16, N. 26, MAR/2022

Dossier - Research on Gender, Sexuality and Education in a Post-Structuralist Perspective

Dossier Editors:

Anderson Ferrari (UFJF)
Paula Regina Ribeiro (FURG)
Marcos Souza (UESB)

The dossier proposes to welcome, know and disseminate research that has taken the poststructuralist perspective in dialogue with other studies, such as Gay and Lesbian Studies, Foucaultian Studies, Cultural Studies, Feminist Studies, Queer Studies as provocations to think about the constitution of the subjects and their belonging in their intersectionalities of gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, generation, religion, class, among others. Research that works with this sense of constitution of subjects as educational processes that involve not only schools, but also other educational spaces, in which relationships are marked by discourses, practices, knowledge that produce identities and belonging.