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The Arteriais Journal (Federal University of Pará – Brazil) invites researchers for the submission
of scholarly articles, essays, reviews (exhibitions, screenings, festivals, books), interviews,
translations, and visual essays to be published in the dossier “Contexts and Practices of Artists’
Moving Image”.

Artists’ Moving Image is here understood as a category of audiovisual works that are usually
created by filmmakers or visual artists and that normally circulate in experimental film and
video festivals or contemporary art exhibitions. Therefore, for this dossier artists’ moving
image is employed as an umbrella term to describe artworks that challenge disciplinary modes
of production once connected to concepts such as video art, video installation, expanded
cinema, artists’ film, cinema of exhibition. In this context, a series of historical, critical and
practice-based research emerged in the fields of audiovisual performance, about other
histories of artists’ moving image in Brazil and worldwide, around the transformations of the
cinematographic institution and its relationships with museums and galleries, around the
connections with queer studies and the cognitive sciences, and the relationships with
emerging media such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Video 360. The aim
of this dossier is to encourage contemporary research in the field of artists’ moving image, in
order to also comprehend how these aforementioned discussions are connected to research
on issues of decoloniality, race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. Proposed topics include, but
are not limited to:

- Artists’ moving image in the Brazilian Amazon.
- Histories of artists’ moving image.
- Economical issues and public funding for artists’ moving image.
- Curating, festivals and screenings.
- The role of photography in the development of artists’ moving image.
- Artists’ moving image and performance in the visual arts and performing arts.
- Emerging media and audiovisual content (VR, AR, Video 360).
- Decolonial approaches to the practice, histories and criticism of artists’ moving image.
- Race, ethnicity, and intersectionality in the practice, histories and criticism of artists’ moving
- Gender, sexualities and intersectionality in the practice, histories and criticism of artists’
moving image.

Editors: Danilo Baraúna (Federal University of Pará), Orlando Maneschy (Federal University of
Pará), Cássia Hosni (Independent Researcher), Hosana Celeste (Federal University of Pará),

Anderson Paiva (Federal University of Roraima).

Deadline: 15 October 2023

Submit your contribution to:

Notes for contributors: