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Think Tanks on Cultural Studies: Tribute to João Claudio Todorov

Laércia Abreu Vasconcelos, Maria E. Malott, Sigrid S. Glenn, Emmanuel Zagury Tourinho, Maria Amalia Pie Abib Andery


This essay is dedicated to João Claudio Todorov (1941-2021). It focuses on the history of the Think Tanks on cultural studies from a culturo-behavioral science perspective. Todorov first conceived the idea of creating a Think Tank on Cultural Studies (TTCS). He organized the first one with Maria Malott in 2005 in Campinas, São Paulo. Occurring simultaneously with the XIV Brazilian Meeting of Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, there was a significant number of research presentations focused on cultural selection. The think tank focused on the concept of metacontingency, and its implications for research. The event counted on the presence of former editors of the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior. Think Tank 1 (TTCS1) inspired the organization of six additional think tanks, where Todorov always played a key role.  Moreover, Todorov promoted the coordination with researchers from different higher education institutions, resulting in presentations at national and international scientific conferences, and joint publications. The most recent think tank, (TTCS7) took place in 2021 online due to the limitations from the Covid-19 pandemic, when Professor João Claudio Todorov attended for the last time.

Keywords: Think Tank on Cultural Studies, Metacontingency, Macrocontingency, João Claudio Todorov.


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