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Margins already have Impact Factor!


CiteFactor has just released the Impact Factor (IF) of Margens: Revista Interdisciplinar:

Posted: 2021-07-28

Margins is in Scopus!

Margens: Interdisciplinary Journal  is, from July 2021, on Scopus.  We received the news of the insertion of our magazine with great enthusiasm.
Posted: 2021-06-08

Call for Dossier: Research on Gender, Sexuality and Education in the Post-Structuralist Perspective


A Margens: Interdisciplinary magazine, receives articles for the production of the thematic dossier Research in Gender, Sexuality and Education in the post-structuralist perspective that arose from the need to debate the field of gender and sexuality studies articulated with education, which comes constituting itself and, today, it is already consolidated as a field of knowledge. In this sense, the proposal for a dossier like this is so that we can welcome, know and disseminate research that has taken the post-structuralist perspective in dialogue with other studies, such as Gay and Lesbian Studies, Foucaultian Studies, Cultural Studies, Feminist Studies , Queer studies as provocations to think about the constitution of the subjects and their belongings in their intersectionality of gender, sexuality, race / ethnicity, generation, religion, class, among others.

Posted: 2021-05-21

Call for Dossier: Resistance Studies in the Face of Catastrophe and the State of Exception

The production of a dossier with the title Studies of resistance to catastrophe and the state of exception arises from the need to strengthen research on forms of resistance in different lines of action that are affirmed in the field of literary studies. In this sense, we seek to gather texts from researchers who collaborate with the qualification and development of scientific and intellectual dissemination in dialogical processes between the areas of History, Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Cinema, Visual Arts, and Literature.
Posted: 2021-05-20

Periods for Receiving Texts

Margins: Revista Interdisciplinar receives texts for the Thematic Dossier, Article, Scientific Initiation, Interview, and Review sessions following the following deadlines:
Posted: 2021-04-15

Deadline extension for article submission

Deadline for submitting articles for the Dossier Margins, Power and Insurgencies in Latin America.
Posted: 2021-03-15