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Call for Dossier: Resistance Studies in the Face of Catastrophe and the State of Exception

Dossier editors:

Dr. Abilio Pachêco de Souza (UNIFESSPA)

Dr. Arnaldo Franco Junior (UNESP)

Dr. Huarley Matheus do Vale Monteiro (UERR)


The production of a dossier with the title Studies of resistance to catastrophe and the state of exception arises from the need to strengthen research on forms of resistance in different lines of action that are affirmed in the field of literary studies. In this sense, we seek to gather texts from researchers who collaborate with the qualification and development of scientific and intellectual dissemination in dialogical processes between the areas of History, Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Cinema, Visual Arts, and Literature. This is stated due to the significant reflections on the forms contrary to totalitarianism, authoritarianism, and other forms of oppression. The Resistance and Testimony categories are present in studies such as those by Alfredo Bosi, Augusto Sarmento-Pantoja, Bárbara Harlow, Giorgio Agamben, Jaime Ginzburg, Márcio Seligmann-Silva, Michel Foucault, Paul Ricœur, Tânia Sarmento-Pantoja, Sigmund Freud, Stuart Hall, Theodor Adorno, Tzvetan Todorov, Walter Benjamin, among others, who have shown wide theoretical-critical insertion, in investigations relevant to Cultural Studies, Sociological Criticism, Historical Materialism and Discourse Analysis. This mobility through different theoretical-methodological approaches is a consequence of the principles and reasons that govern the categories Resistance and Testimony: the need to oppose forces that try at all costs and in the most varied ways to domesticate, subdue, submit, massacre, destroy. For fundamental human and civil rights, the struggles for freedom for justice and dignity are imperatives that make up the speculative nucleus of the Resistance, as the category offers many possibilities for reflection on authoritarianism related to the States of Exception, as is the case of Dictatorships. The production of a Dossier that discusses the topic on screen is, finally, an effort to consolidate, disseminate and interconnect scientific knowledge for research guided by social commitment. This becomes even stronger when we find that, at present, extremist groups occupy the streets of our country in defense of the values and practices of the civil-military dictatorship, idealizing them to simultaneously obstruct the critical knowledge pertinent to that period and also silence its reverberations in the cultural, educational, social and political spheres. Thinking of alternatives contrary to such oppression actions and strategies, such as the dossier Studies on resistance to catastrophe and the state of exception, becomes an indispensable act for contemporary scientific thought.

KEYWORDS: Resistance. A testimony. Catastrophe. State of exception.

Reception: May / 2021 to Sep / 2021

Evaluation: Oct / 2021 to Nov / 2021

Publication: Dec / 2021