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Call for Dossier: Memories of State Terrorism: experiences of women political activists and childhoods in the Southern Cone.

Dossier Editors:

Dra. Natalia Montealegre (UDELAR - Uruguay)

Dra. Graciela Sapriza (UDELAR - Uruguay)

Dr. Augusto Sarmento-Pantoja (UFPA - Brazil)

The dossier "Memories of State Terrorism: Experiences of Women Activists and the" Second Generations "in the Southern Cone" invites researchers to submit original research articles that will be added to the nine texts by young researchers (Uruguayan, Argentine, Colombian, and Brazilian ) that address different aspects of the impact of State terrorism, bringing together the experience of political activists, childhood and intra-family relationships in the Southern Cone. and human rights, with a special interest in the relations between gender and generations during the last civil-military dictatorships and their evolution to the present in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay. The dossier is interested in relating the gender dimension of State terrorism through different experiences, such as: the situations of women political activists (both in their activism and in repressive practices), captive motherhood, and the exercise of that "traditional" role transformed into powerful political action through social organizations and struggles for the recovery of memories, not exempt from conflicts. It is also interesting to resume the controversies surrounding the rescue of memory and post-memory, incorporating the position of the daughters and sons of the authors of crimes against humanity during the Southern Cone dictatorships. Deepening the tensions between blockades and recognition, between impunity, forgiveness, and access to justice, between family ties and stigma, problematizing the articulations between the prison system, the concentration systems in the region, and the other social relations involved.