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Margens: Interdisciplinary Journal of the Postgraduate Program in Cities, Territories, and Identities (PPGCITI) is a semiannual journal with free and free access, created at the Abaetetuba Campus in 2004, by the Research Nucleus, coordinated by Ph.D. Antônio Otaviano Vieira Júnior. Initially, the journal was created for the scientific dissemination of teachers and students at the Federal University of Pará. Over the years, the Journal, which was published only in printed format, gained importance and academic recognition for the effort to publish 1 volume per year. As of 2013, the Research and Post-Graduation Division (RPGD) started to adopt the semiannual publication. In 2015, through a policy of valuing the scientific journal and in the midst of the desire to create the first Postgraduate Program of the Abaetetuba Campus, the Research and Graduate Division, joined efforts to migrate all content from the journal to the digital format. In the 11 years prior to the digital format, 13 issues were published, which are available in digital format. Since 2013, two issues have been released per year, respecting the biannual periodicity. The numbers are published in the format of Thematic Dossier and Free Articles. Margens was UFPA's first scientific journal, edited and published on Campus in the interior of the State of Pará, belonging to the Federal University of Pará (UFPA). In 2016, in celebration of the 10th year that the journal publishes articles in the magazine, a special issue was published. That same year, with the approval of the Postgraduate Program in Cities, Territories, and Identities (PPGCITI), an interdisciplinary program in Humanities and Societies, Margens, started to be edited by PPGCITI, under the tutelage of Editora Universitária Campus de Abaetetuba ( EditorAbaeté). In 2021, we celebrated the 15 years of regular publication of the magazine, with a special dossier with revisits of articles already published with updates made by the authors.